Contraception: Implant services

**Due to Covid-19 we had to temporarily suspend our implant services. We aim to be commencing Implant clinics from July please call the surgery to request an appointment.  If you are having problems with your implant then please contact the surgery on 0113 274 4777 to speak to a GP.**

Current implant users can keep an implant in place with low risk of problems beyond 3 years. Some research shows it is unlikely women will get pregnant with the implant in the 4th year of use. Adding condoms or a progestogen-only pill would be an additional protection.

The implant is a small plastic rod which is inserted under the skin of your upper arm.

The implant (Nexplanon) slowly releases a low dose of a progesterone hormone. It is the most effective method of contraception currently available, and you are the least likely to get pregnant using the implant.

This method is highly reliable. It lasts for three years, but you can have it removed sooner. Some women have no periods on this method, some women have a regular bleed, and some women have irregular bleeding.

To book an appointment please call us on 0113 274 477. There may be a wait of up to 2 months.

For further information on the implant and the fitting procedure please follow this link to the NHS website: