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Coronavirus Update (25 Mar 20)

This article provides an outline of some issues we are facing during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Consulting with our clinical team

To ensure the safety or our patients and staff, we are conducting ALL consultations over the telephone in the first instance.  Our GPs and Nurses are contacting patients to discuss their issues to decide if it is necessary for them to attend the surgery for a face to face consultation.  This will be decided by clinician they speak to who will book their appointment.

Telephoning the surgery

Please telephone us if it’s absolutely necessary.  We are experiencing a significant increase in the volume of telephone calls to the surgery and we would like you to consider using other facilities for contacting us:

  • Online Prescription Ordering – you can order all prescriptions via this service if you already have access to Patient Access, the NHS app or similar services.
  • e-Consultation – New facility available via our website which you can use to consult with us securely via the practices website 24/7 for non-urgent matters.
  • Website – Our website contains lots of useful information in relation to the practice, managing your health and how to access other services.
  • Email us if you are unable to use the above options –

Prescription Ordering

We are happy to take prescription orders via the telephone for patients who are recognised by us as being:

  • Housebound
  • Vulnerable/frail

If you are ordering your prescription via the counterfoil, please post this in the post box which is located on the ground floor; there is currently no access to the reception area for anyone other than those patients being invited by clinicians to attend the surgery.

We would like to remind you to only order items that you need when they are due for replenishment.  This will ensure the pharmacies are able to supply other patients with the same types of medication.

When we need to contact you

We routinely use your mobile telephone number to send you appointment reminders, or other important information via text message.  This service is under significant pressure at the moment and we would like to invite you to download the MJOG Messenger App via the Apple App Store and Google Play store as an alternative way for us to communicate reminders and messages with you.

Get MJog Messenger

This service runs on a different platform to the text messaging facility; messages that are sent out to patients via this service are also free to the NHS.  We can also set up a two way dialogue with this messaging service if we require feedback from you.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates

We will continue to update you with any changes we are making in relation to the practice as a result of the COVID-19 Coronavirus via the website.  We will send more important information via text messages and Smart messages via the MJOG messenger app.

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