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  1. Private Medical Services
  2. Private Medical Reports
  3. Frequently asked questions
  4. Why can it take a long time to complete a form?
  5. How do I request a non-NHS service?
  6. Do I have to pay to get a copy of my medical records?

Private Medical Services

You may have to pay a fee for certain services that are not covered by the NHS. These fees reflect the time it takes for the doctor to look at your medical records and some admin time.

Services include things like private health certificates, insurance claim forms, HGV/taxi medicals and some travel vaccinations.

This is our current list of Non-NHS fees:

ChildminderHealth forms£ 87.50
Copies of RecordsCopy of notes held on computer£ 15.00
Copy of Manual notes/Computer£ 50.00
Driving LicensingFull medical & Report£187.00
Report£ 89.50
EmploymentFull medical & Report£187.00
Report (No Exam)£133.00
Report (Proforma)£ 89.50
Army Medicals£ 65.00
FitnessFly/Sport etc Simple Certificate£ 30.00
Dependent on length & complexity£ 63.00
HolidayLetter or Simple Certificate£ 50.00
InfectionFreedom from Infection£ 30.00
PrivateSick note£ 30.00
Prescription£ 17.00
Power of AttorneyPOA or Assessment of Capacity£150.00
Private Health ClaimBUPA ETC£30-£63
STUDENTCamp America –exam£ 60.00
Fit for Sport£ 30.00
Fit for Sport –exam£60.00
Min fee for Letter/Simple report£18.00
TravelFitness to Travel –full exam & report£187.00
Report –no exam£133.00
Report –no examination£133.00
Report – on proforma£ 89.50
Extract from records£ 67.00

More information about why we charge can be found on the BMA website.

Private Medical Reports

There are also times when we are asked for information about a patient’s health, such as when you are applying for a mortgage or life insurance. We only do this with your permission and you have the right to see the report before it is sent. To avoid any delays, please make sure you sign the consent form that the company gives you. You do not need to contact us in order to chase a medical report, as the secretary will deal with the company directly.

Frequently asked questions

Why can it take a long time to complete a form?

Time spent completing forms and preparing reports takes the GP away from the medical care of his or her patients. Most GPs have a very heavy NHS workload and this paperwork is done in around the patient care.

When a doctor signs a certificate or completes a report, it is a condition of remaining on the Medical Register that they only sign what they know to be true.

In order to complete even the simplest of forms, therefore, the doctor might have to check the patient’s entire medical record. Carelessness, or an inaccurate report, can have serious consequences for the doctor.

How do I request a non-NHS service?

We must receive requests in writing. There is a form on the reception desk which you should fill in, stating what type of service you require, your details, and obtaining your signature to show you understand that there is a charge for the service being provided.

If you require a letter from your GP, you may discuss your request with them in a face-to-face appointment. They will advise you if they are happy to complete your request.

If you have any queries about a service that you might require, you can contact the surgery through the usual routes and we will be happy to provide you with the relevant information/

Do I have to pay to get a copy of my medical records?

Under the new GDPR regulations introduced in 2018, you are entitled to access to your medical records for free.

Please note that, using the GP online services, you can access a lot of your medical record on your computer or mobile device if you have an account.

If you require a partial or full copy of your medical records, you should put your request in writing stating what information you require. The turnaround time to complete the request can be up to 30 days, as per regulations.