Get your Test Results

If you have had a blood test, x-ray or scan it is important you find out the result.

Whilst we try to contact everyone with abnormal results, you should not assume that no news is good news.

Please ensure we have your up to date contact details, especially your mobile phone number and email.

How do I find out my result?


The easiest way to find out your test result is via the online portal. Once you register for online services (Patient Access or NHS app), then it’s simply a matter of logging into the portal and visiting the ‘patient record’ section and clicking on ‘view test results’.

You can even look up historical results by visiting the ‘patient record’ section and clicking on ‘full clinical record’.

You will be able to read the Doctor’s comment and see the actual result.

If you need further tests or treatment then this will be indicated alongside the results and you can arrange this via the online portal or by contacting reception.

Login to PatientAccess

Log into NHS App

By phone

Contact the surgery after 10:30am, one week after your test. This allows enough time for the results to come back from the laboratory.

Please do not ask a relative or friend to telephone the surgery on your behalf. Results will only be given to the patient and not to a patient’s representative (except in the case of children, or when prior written consent has been given for a carer to act on your behalf).

Hospital requested Tests

Please note that tests requested by the hospital

Blood tests requested by the hospital will go directly back to the hospital. The Hospital will then notify you personally of the result.

All other tests requested by the hospital such as x-rays/scans will also go back directly to the requesting department at the hospital, who will then notify you of the result.

After the hospital has informed the patient of their results, the practice will receive clinical correspondence to update the patient record. This may be some weeks after the result has been told to the patient.