Ageing Well Team

What does the Ageing Well Team do?

The Aging Well team works with patients who have mild/moderate frailty, dementia and mental health decline. They offer a comprehensive assessment for patients in their own home to identify their health and social care needs. They usually provide between 1-3 visits which allows time to deliver interventions, make onward referrals and sign post other services.

The aim is to keep people with with frailty needs as well as possible in their own homes, help patients to stay as independent as possible, maximise quality of live and be involved in advanced care planning.

The team is made up of occupational therapists, community matrons, a pharmacist and care coordinators.

How the Aging Well Team can help

The following are examples of what the Aging Well Team can help with:

  • Basic equipment provision
  • Assistive technology
  • Sleep management
  • Fatigue management
  • Activity planning to maintain/improve independence
  • Strategies to promote comfort and reduce distress
  • Memory assessment and management strategies
  • Mood and anxiety management
  • Advanced care planning
  • Managing Delerium
  • Preventative falls advice

Appointment Information

The reception team will refer you to the Aging Well Team, who will contact you via telephone (usually within a week) for an initial assessment and then arrange further appointments.

How to book an appointment

You can book an appointment the following ways:

  • Via E-Consultation – We recommend using the online consultation service, this helps keep the phone lines free for those who need to get through to us via telephone such as the elderly, housebound and those without internet access.
  • By telephone 0113 2744777
  • In person