How to Find Us & Parking at the Surgery

We are located on Shire Oak Street in the Heart of Headingley, which is accessible from Otley Road near the junction of Otley road and North Lane.

Shire Oak Street is located between Subway and Bayfield Opticians and opposite Dare Café.

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We have a good level of onsite parking and there is also good access from public transport (link to bus routes section)

There are 4 disabled parking spaces at the surgery for disabled badge users which are located next to the entrance to the building.

Within the building there is access to patient toilet facilities, including disabled toilets and baby changing facilities.

There are two lifts accessible from the lobby area of the building serving all floors of the building.

Bus Routes

There are various buses running frequently through Headingley.

The following buses go into the centre of Headingley:

1, 6, 28, 29, 38, 69, 91, 97 

More information on buses and routes can be found at:

Parking at the Surgery

Parking at the surgery is available in the front and rear car parks, which are accessible via Shire Oak Street.

Car parking when the practice is busy

We know that our car park can become busy at times and that patients sometimes have to wait for a parking space.

We have constant monitoring of the car park to ensure as much as possible that there isn’t any inappropriate parking by shoppers or other local businesses. Patients should not use the car park for shopping or any other purpose not related to the appointment at the surgery. This applies either before or after their appointment at the surgery.

We also need to ensure that all patients vacate their parking spaces as soon as they have finished their appointment. Patients may also need to visit the pharmacy after their appointment so we ask that they vacate their parking spaces as soon as this has been picked up.

Alternative Parking Sites

Alternative parking when the practice is busy can be found at: 

  • Headingley Taps Car Park– free parking for 1 hour 50p per hour thereafter maximum stay 4 hours – open 9am to 6pm
  • Arndale Shopping Centre parking– up to 3 hours free parking
  • Private car park – next to Ecco pizzeria entrance from St Anne’s Car Park, St Anne’s Road  0.2 miles from BCS
  • Chapel Street and Chapel Place– limited parking on road for up to 4 hours no return. Turn right out of Headingley Medical Practice across the lights onto Otley Road, Chapel Street first turning on the left.
  • Shire Oak Road– double yellow lines at beginning of the road from Otley Road entrance and then parking available just beyond Headingley Hall.
  • St Michael’s Road (Skyrack on corner)– has on street parking between 8 – 6.30 M – F up to 2 hours
  • Bennett Roadfrom North Lane entrance only – has on street parking

Parking at the surgery is strictly for use by Patients and staff of the surgery.

Patients are fully entitled to use any of the spaces which are marked as 90 minute parking spaces whilst they are visiting the surgery for an appointment or if they need to go to the Pharmacy after they have had their appointment.

Patients should NOT use any bays which are marked as permit holder only. For clarification, these spaces are:

  • The first 3 spaces on the right as you enter Shire Oak street – These are for Specsavers customers.  
  • The spaces on the right hand side as you go around the side of the building – these are pharmacy,  Physio and Bayfields spaces
  • The 3 spaces on the left right hand side as you go around the side of the building – these are permit holder spaces
  • The 2 spaces at the side of the wall on the right just below the entrance to the upper car park – these spaces are also Physio spaces and are for use by their patients with a valid permit.

Please look for the spaces which are marked as 90 minute parking spaces and any of these spaces can be used for patient parking. For clarity, the following spaces are 90 minute spaces:

  • The entire rear car park is made up of 90 minute spaces.
  • The majority of the spaces in the front car park are also 90 minute spaces apart from those marked in yellow on the Left Hand Side as you enter the front car park. These Yellow parking bays belong to Manning Stainton and Barclays Bank.
  • The spaces marked in Yellow on the Right hand Side as you enter the front car park are made up of of 4 disabled spaces which can be used by our disabled patients with a Disabled Badge.

Once your appointment or visit to the pharmacy has finished, you must vacate the car park immediately so that other patients who are coming to the surgery for their appointments have space in which to park.

Any patient found to be abusing the car park through misuse may be asked to leave the surgery.