Burton Croft Patient Participation Group

About the Burton Croft PPG

Your PPG has been going since the surgery moved to Headingley Medical Centre over 10 years ago. It met regularly until the pandemic hit. However a core group of patients have kept in touch and liaised with the surgery over the last two years.

Your views are important and if you cannot attend you can still be heard by emailing the PPG. Your comments on how you think the PPG can support developments at the surgery would also be welcome.

What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

The PPG works with the practice to represent the patient’s voice in decision making, ensuring that all communities registered with the practice are represented.

Every PPG runs differently based on the needs of the practice and its patient population. It has the freedom to be creative and unique in its approach.

A PPG is:

  • Co-operative– Members working with the practice to improve the service.
  • Representative – speaking up for the patients.
  • Engaging – a means for the surgery to work with patients providing a place to discuss changes and developments to the practice.
  • Supportive – a way to support the wider NHS with campaigns and opportunities for patients to have their say.
  • Responsive – a place to develop projects and ideas based on the needs of the area and patient population.
  • Collaborative – a group that works with other PPGs as well as health and social care organisations in the area.
  • Challenging – As a critical friend, the PPG must be prepared to challenge the practice constructively.

A PPG is not:

  • A place to complain – the practice has its complaints procedures
  • A talking shop – the group should be productive and focused
  • A place to work on personal campaign/issues – PPGs need to work on projects that would benefit the wider patient population.

Contact Your PPG

For more information please email the PPG at: burtoncroft.ppg@outlook.com

(This is a secure email system set up by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and you can unsubscribe at any time)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Wednesday 26th June 2024 – time to be agreed. This will be held in the Burton Croft Meeting Room on the third floor.

Meeting Minutes

Please find the meeting minutes from the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 25th January below.

Meeting Minutes from 24th April 2024