Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week

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You can prevent type 2 diabetes by eating a healthy, balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping physically active.

People living with diabetes also face higher risk of heart disease, stroke, nerve damage, foot problems, vision loss and kidney problems.

There are some groups at higher risk of type 2 diabetes: men, people of South Asian or Black ethnicity, people who are overweight and people with a family history of type 2 diabetes.

Find out your risk of type 2 diabetes by using the Diabetes UK Know Your Risk Score at riskscore.diabetes.org.uk or by searching
‘Know Your Risk’.

Tesco have shared some budget friendly, healthy recipes that are Diabetes UK approved. Diabetes recipes | Tesco Real Food

You can also ask our reception team to book in with our PCN dieticians Vanessa and Riddhi.

They can provide individualized dietary information for you to help you manage your diet better and improve your diabetic control to reduce your change of developing other health problems due to your diabetes.

They will discuss with your food and drink in detail and work with you to improve your knowledge and help you to manage your diabetic diet better. They will help you put together a dietary plan, setting goals that you can work towards and review your progress.