Cervical Screening Awareness Week 2023

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This week is Cervical Screening Awareness Week (19th – 24th June 2023).

We would like to encourage eligible patients to attend as Cervical screening is so important, however we do understand that those invited for the screening can find it difficult or painful for many reasons. You may have concerns, questions or would like to discuss the screening, we can book you in to speak to one of our nurses at a convenient time for yourself.

Tips to Help with your Cervical Screening

Talk to your nurse or doctor

If it is your first cervical screening, you feel embarrassed or worried, you have had a bad experience before, or you have experienced anything that makes the test hard for you, telling the person doing the test means they can try to give you the right support. If you don’t feel comfortable saying something, try writing it down.

Ask for the first appointment of the day

If you feel uncomfortable in waiting rooms, you may want to ask to book the first appointment of the day. This can mean it is quieter and there is less time for you to wait. You can also ask the reception team to sit elsewhere if you feel uncomfortable in the waiting room.

Ask to book a longer appointment

More time to ask questions and feel ready for your smear test

Bring someone you trust or request a chaperone

They can be with you in the waiting room or during your appointment. You can also request a receptionist if you would like a chaperone. This is a person, such as another health professional, friend, family member or carer, who can be present if required.

Ask for a smaller speculum

A smaller size may be more comfortable for you.

Wear a skirt or dress

If you want to wear one you can keep it on during the appointment.

Talk to your nurse

If you need any support or have questions, the nurse can help. We can book you in to speak to a nurse beforehand.

We have also created a document (below) for the nurse which explains what may affect your experience. If you would like to fill this in you could bring/send this in before your appointment or bring at the time of your appointment.

Useful Links and information:

What Happens During a Smear Test? | Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust (jostrust.org.uk)

Cervical screening tips | Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust (jostrust.org.uk)

The Leeds Trans & Non-Binary Sexual Health Clinic has now restarted at Yorkshire MESMAC offices (city centre). This clinic runs on the 3rd Monday each month, the clinic includes cervical screening appointments. Patients can call Leeds MESMAC offices on 0113 244 4209 or email leeds@mesmac.co.uk to book an appointment.